How It Works

Free Terminal or eCommerce Portal.

Fees Applied Automatically

Swiped. Keyed. Recurring. Zero Cost

Our platform automatically applies the agreed upon “site fee” to the transaction, identifies it and processes the single transaction. Simultaneously, you’ll receive an instant approval authorization or decline.

In Person (Retail)

Our Cash Discount Program for in-person (retail) transactions includes a FREE Verifone terminal that enables you to process credit and debit cards at zero cost by implementing a service fee to all customers who pay with their card instead of cash or check. Customers who pay with cash avoid the service fee by paying discounted cash price.

eCommerce Portal

We’ll Link Your Make A Payment Button To Our Portal (branded with your logo to provide a seamlessly integrated payment solution to your website (at no cost to you). Alternatively, the web based portal gives you the ability to process payments over the phone when customers prefer to call in.

Risk Free & Compliant

Regulatory Compliant & Cancel At Any Time

There’s truly no risk to get started. There are no set up fees and no cost to get started. Try the service for yourself and if any time you wish to cancel, we’ll gladly close your account at no cost to you.

We’ve made the traditional, Early Termination Fees (ETF) a thing of the past ETF fees are waived on Zero Credit Card Processing accounts.

Processing fees are added to each transaction as a third party platform. You’re not charging the fee, our platform does. Our site fee program meets card compliance guidelines which enable the processing fees to be charged to your tenants.

In addition, since our processing platform stores and transmits the cardholder data, your company’s PCI risk scope is substantially reduced.